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Vocational Training Centre

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The Computer Hardware Society was established on the 4 th day of December 2006 , at Palliyadora Road, Kawdana, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. with the objective of gathering all the students who have successfully completed the Diploma in Computer Hardware with Networkwhich is conducted by the Vocational Training Centre affiliated to the National Youth Service Council , in order to update their knowledge on new technologies and to assist them in their carrier activities in many different ways such as providing financial aids, material and equipment, and professional guidance and advices. Further to the above, the Society intends to expand its services to provide the above services to the students in rural areas.

About Us

As the Computer Hardware Society was established recently it doesn't have a history of its own. But it has a steady background. It is backed-up by a recognized organization called a Vocational Training Centre – Dehiwala which is affiliated to the National Youth Service Council. As briefly introduced in the introduction society is composed of the passed out students of the Diploma in Computer Hardware with Network which is conducted by the Vocational Training Centre – Dehiwala.

Vocational Training Centre was established in 1984 with the mission of providing Vocational Training & guidance to the youth in Sri Lanka leading them towards successful career & fruitful future, free from stress & frustration in order to create employment opportunities through vocational training for local and foreign job market and promote self-employment opportunities for unemployed youth by the National Youth Service Council currently regulate under Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs.

Diploma in Computer Hardware with Network is conducted by the Vocational Training Centre was commenced with the intension of making Hardware Technicians with a versatile knowledge in Computer Hardware field.

Field of Hardware Technology is updating every second. The primary objective of the society was to update the knowledge of the passed students accordingly. In order to achieve this objective regular workshops are conducted with the participation of former students.

Secondly Society established a work station of its own which is funded by the society and with participation of unemployed passed students. Equipment were supplied by the Vocational Training Centre. This was to cater the customers outside. 50% of the earning of the jobs was credited to the fund of the Society and the remainder was given to students concerned as they are not paid any remuneration.

Society intends to spread its activity establishing work station in rural areas with the participation of passed students of those areas and would be funded by the society. Here also 50% of the earning of the jobs will be credited to the Society and the remainder will be given to the students.

Members of the society who are passed students will have opportunities to undergo trainings at reputed Computer Companies in Sri Lanka.

Contact: Vocational Training Centre
Telephone: 094 11 2731346
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