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Aspirations International Academy

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Aspirations International Academy is the brain child of Ajith Abeysekera, Chairman of Aspirations Education and Shanil Jayasekera, Managing Director of Wisdom Business Academy.

Vision of Aspirations International Academy is to realise the aspirations of our students through education. Our philosophy is three fold.

We offer you an opportunity to read for a highly reputed university education. Our faculty is very carefully selected in order to deliver quality of teaching which is a promise we will never compromise.
We deliver what we promise and we stand by what we say. Hence your education is in safe hands.
We truly care about your lives and futures. Selecting a university is one of the biggest decisions in your lives and we know that you need care in order to get the best in education. We understand this and this is why we only have people who would truly take the responsibility for your lives and futures.
Contact: Aspirations International Academy
Telephone: 0117 555255
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